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Garden Walls Stretford

Garden Wall Service in Stretford

If you are looking for a professional construction company to design and build your own unique garden wall in Stretford you are in the right place. here at KJL builders we have been designing and building garden walls for 20 years. we have built plenty of garden walls out of different materials in many styles shapes and sizes.

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Why Choose A Garden Wall?

Are you looking to secure your home? or just want that extra bit of privacy? Then its quite possible that a garden wall is a perfect choice for you. KJL Builders offer a garden wall service which covers the design and build from start to finish. We have a brick match consultant in our team who will pay a visit to your home and find the exact match of your house bricks so that your new garden wall perfectly fits in like it was built at the same time as your home.

What We Have To Offer

At KJL Builders we try our best to help and advise anyone who gets in touch with us. We design and build garden walls for both the private and commercial sector and also cater for insurance companies/claims. Our garden wall service is carried out to very high standard and taken very seriously as all of our tradesmen are fully qualified or training being supervised.


Types Of Walls

Service Areas

Our garden wall service includes:
Brick walling
Stone walling
Curved walling
Retaining wall
Dividing wall
Block walling


KJL Builders have public liability insurance which covers A: the clients property, B: KJL Builders employees, C: Any member of the public. This means if there was anything tragic (unlikely to happen) you would be fully insured and would not have to worry about the costs.


Our Staff

ALL staff at KJL Builders are FULLY QUALIFIED Tradesmen who have been working in the construction industry for many years. We do have many apprentices at our company as we are training the next generation of KJL Builders but none of these work unsupervised.

Planning Permission and Building Regulations

Thinking about altering your home but have no clue where your boundaries end? KJL Builders can assist you all the way through the design and build of your project. We will be ready to assist you from the moment you put in for planning permission to the final touches of the build. If you would like to find out if you need planning pick up the phone and give us a call. alternatively you can visit your local authorities website and you will find almost everything you need to know.

Fair Pricing

We offer great services for fair prices and there is NO HIDDEN or extra costs. We will provide you with a free NO obligation quote which will state exactly how much our client is going spend so that they can keep within their budget.

Our Experience

As a Construction company KJL Builders have Many years experience in the private and commercial side of the industry. Our projects range from garden walls, housing estates and industrial estates. we also undertake hotel renovations and other enormous projects. We have been working hard over the past 20 years to build up our professional reputation. 


For a FREE no obligation quote call us today on: 07549997985 

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