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Flat Roofing Sale

A roofer in Sale you can count on

If you need a fast highly experienced roofer look no further than KJL BUILDERS. Our team is made up of top quality professionals who give 100% effort on every job we take on.

Contact us today: 07549997985

About us

Here at KJL we have been offering a flat roofing service for over 10 years and we make sure to keep up to date with the latest technology. We can guarantee you the client a top quality roofing service for a very good price. Below you will find a list of our flat roofing services available.


Flat Roofing Services

Traditional Felt 

Fibre Glass

Rubber EPDM

Warm Roof

Why Choose us?

As an Professional roofing firm we take pride in All of our Work and ensure that each and every detail in ALL of our jobs is perfected. We promise you a point of contact at all times providing you choose us to complete your project. Any questions you may have will be answered immediately. 


Skilled Tradesmen

Our company policy requires that all of our staff are fully qualified or training being supervised by an experienced member of our team.


Worried about your property? KJL Builders have an insurance policy which covers a: Our staff. B: Any member of the public. Last but certainly not least. C: Our clients and their property. This means you are covered for any damages to your property if anything to go wrong. KJL Builders have been Renovating hotels/properties for 20 years and have NEVER ran into a problem where a client has had to make a claim.


For a FREE no obligation quote call us today on: 07549997985 

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